Student Work I

Blind Contour

Cross Contour

Blind Contour

Blind Contour 

Blind Contour and Line Variation 

Blind Contour 

Line Variation 
Blind Contour 
Cross Contour

Oil Paint

Oil Painting

Oil Painting Introduction
Adult: Beginner - Intermediate
[Class Dates]


This is a five-day course (3hrs/day). The primary subjects relate to oil paint and what it takes to make a painting. Working with pen and pencil, participants will develop ideas and plan a painting. Two full classes are spent making a painting of the artist’s choosing.


Develop the tools to make an original oil painting. Get the fundamentals down and use them to draw from life and photo references.


1.     Intro & Materials
2.     Viscous Mediums and Composition Pattern, Movement, and Contrast (Composition of brushstrokes)
3.     Ideas: Content/Subject
(Sources, Thumbnails, Drafts, and Sketchbooks)
4.     Prep and developing a painting
(Blocking-in and painting with Oil on Canvas)
5.     Develop and Finishing Touches
(Oil on Canvas)


At the end of these classes, participants will have 2 oil paintings. A further understanding of the medium will have been developed through application and discussion.



Oil Paint Set, 1 Small & 1 Large Canvas. Assorted Brushes, Sealable Jars, Palette, Small Bottle of Mineral spirits, Basic 8x11 Sketchbook, 2 black pens (Jelly Roll), Pencils

1. Materials

When choosing oil paint, it is useful to understand they can vary greatly in terms of colours, brands, grades, ingredients and consistencies. The first class will largely cover health hazards and this sort of information about materials. If you want to get into it right away “The Suggested Minimum Set” (below) should be a good starting point, otherwise just bring 2 colours and a white to the first class and we can talk about what else will be useful to meet your goals and add it later.  If you have any questions feel free to email me (get contact info from Art Centre). 

Please DO NOT BUY SUPPLIES THAT ARE “FAST DRYING” or contain any turpentine or mineral spirits. The fumes from these paints are unpleasant and can cause very serious health problems.

For the purposes of this course we will try to minimize use of thinners (mineral spirits, turpentine commercial thinners) as well as carefully control where we use them. Please DO NOT BUY “ODOURLESS” SUPPLIES. It is important to know when the fumes are present.


“Suggested Minimum Set”
At least a warm and cool of each of the primary colours would be ideal:

(Small tubes are fine, but it’s better value to buy more)
Cadmium Red
Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Yellow
Lemon Yellow
Pthalo Blue
Ultramarine Blue

*It is recommended to buy other colours too, but you can mix most (or close to them) from the list above.

(Medium tubes are fine but it’s better value to buy more)
Lamp Black
Titanium White
Zinc White

2-3 Pre-Stretched Canvases (Varied Sizes),
Assorted Brushes (eg: Sm Md Lg chisel and round shapes, with med to firm bristles)
Sealable Jars
Small Bottle of Mineral spirits (not odorless! If you’re unsure what to get, feel free to wait till second class to buy).
Palette, Palette Knife, Small Bottle of Walnut, Linseed and/or Poppy Oil

Basic 8x11 Sketchbook, 2 black pens (Jelly Roll), Pencils